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Journalist, TV- and radio producer. Lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

I am currently working on a committee with the mission to strenghten and safeguard democracy in Sweden. We’re celebrating 100 years of equal voting rights between men and women. Since then, we’ve come a long way, but the work for democracy never ends. In 2021, we coached lots of different organisations in Sweden to commit to take extra action to protect and foster democracy in Sweden. We arranged many seminars and talks on democracy. Recently we have published an anthology on the subject, and we’re writing a report where we make suggestions on how to strenghten democracy in Sweden even more. In June 2022, we will reveal our results and suggestions to the public. I am more than happy to have been part of this important work.

Check it out: http://www.vardemokrati.se

And before that?

I used to work for a public service broadcasting company, where I’ve actively focused on inclusion, participation and democratic values in combination with educational storytelling.

I find the idea of “slow blogging ” suits my way of life, which is why I don’t post that often. I have so much going on, that I’d like to see this space as a possibility to reflect upon different matters, no pressure. Sometimes I will post 2-3 times/month, but mostly I’d say I write one post/month.

I like exchanging ideas and engaging in dialogue, I hope you do too. ❤


  1. Thank you for the follow, Therese! I very much appreciate “slow blogging,” and I’m now following yours. I look forward to exchanging ideas and engaging in dialogue with you and your readers.

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    • Thank you, as well, Liz! I don’t promote my blog at all, and am very happy for any new followers 🙂 Especially those, like you, who are interested in storytelling and exchanging ideas for real!


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